Chairman of the Board and President of the United States Lawn Tennis Association, I challenge you to a debate (200 second read) By Javier Palenque

javier palenque
9 min readDec 3, 2020

Dueling is intrinsically associated with the chivalric code of honor practiced by medieval knights. Although often linked with the royal courts of France and England, dueling is also known in the ancient world and is depicted in Greek and Egyptian iconography. These days when honor is in question, all we can do is debate like Lincoln-Douglas did back in 1858. My original idea was to challenge the chairman to a debate, just he and I, but I remembered that since we are in 2020 a challenge to a debate should be live for all to see, via facebook, instagram and recorded for all to see in perpetuity. No, there is no place to hide Mr. Chairman of the Board.

The reason for my challenge is because I feel and know the sport is being systematically destroyed and the person responsible is the head of the organization that runs the sport, a 13 year board member.

Stop people!, a whole bunch of you will now say, but the pandemic has helped tennis and many people are playing? to whom I say, what you are really saying is that a random event that happens in the world every 100 years has caused a modicum movement in the tennis world, so that really means that the head organization is simply lucky that the circumstances are such and any uptick is not doing of their own initiative, mindset or capabilities. In fact youth participation will shrink by 20–30% after this pandemic. Let’s get real! shall we? please let us focus on the issue: decades of incompetence!

Yes, you heard me right, I want to challenge the Chairman and President of the Board of the United States Tennis Association (Uff! I am tired just writing that long title) and debate for all to see, listen and comment my contrarian opinions to the past 15 years of the mismanagement of tennis in the United States. We invite people from all walks of tennis life to comment and we let the public decide who is the winner of the debate. We also invite the freelance NYT reporters ( they only have one fellow full time) and ESPN Online, Sports Illustrated, etc. I can list the topics ahead of time and we can discuss them openly like in a democracy or any shareholders meeting. I have plenty of experience in…

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