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4 min readAug 30

By Javier Palenque

A friend on the WTA tour told me that the WTA is almost for sure signing with Saudi Arabia to hold the WTA finals this year. Remember a few facts, the WTA is the women’s side of professional tennis, also another false not-for-profit (like the USTA) that not too long ago decided that it would abandon China, a non-democratic nation, and stand up for a female player that in their minds needed defending and posturing for. Of course, two years later you will come to realize that the move was a way to get out of the contracts with China. Last year the event was held in Dallas, and no one showed up to watch. This product of the WTA ( the finals) seems to be not market friendly as there are no takers. So, under the poor leadership of Mr. Simon, now they are looking once again for a venue where they will want to host the event in exchange for cash. Now if a reasonable person were to pick a nation for that, you would think that the US was a good one, but the low level of interest in tennis tells the WTA that no one cares ( the USTA will tell you that tennis has grown 38%, of course that is false). What about other countries where women thrive, France, Taiwan, I do not know anywhere but Saudi Arabia.

Here is the point that the press, the WTA, and ATP leadership fail to grasp, no one plays tennis, those who do learned it decades ago. So, you must sell your wares to dictatorships, communist regimes, and anywhere where human rights are violated every day. What is worst is that you all have no problem with that if some greenbacks are exchanged. Do you not comprehend that because of your negligence in growing the sport you have to do this? Why is this hard to understand?

Of course, you also should know that they ( the regimes) are not interested in tennis but in the image that tennis provides to cleanse the poor records they have in human rights, women’s rights, and anything involving rights. So while you think you are selling a tennis event, they are thinking we are buying Clorox. Do you see the difference?

The fact is it is so late in the year and there is still no known venue for the event, this tells us all that you are failing at what you…

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