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As we all know everyone with a sense of decency, love for our kids, and respect for the opposite sex is calling for the collective resignation of the USTA board and CEO. What they are doing is assessing how bad this call for their departure is and remaining silent to hold on to their petty jobs and perks the tennis welfare gives them.

Imagine hiding thirty sexual abuse cases and being exposed by one tough girl from Arizona. Read here the comments from the lead attorney in the case on how to protect our kids from a predatory system that the Ol ’ Boys clan of incapables protects. See link.

“I firmly believe that genuine change at USTA necessitates a complete overhaul of leadership, from the CEO down to their legal representatives,” Allard emphasized. “Given the gravity of the situation, I am committed to pursuing this until it’s achieved.” Robert Allard

So my first problem with math is what about the remaining twenty-nine as the other case was settled out of court, you can hear the young man here and the investigation the USTA rejects here is still not closed but buried. This is why a congressional investigation was sent to Congress, see it here.

  1. So the answers I want from the board are: Why do you allow thirty-one sexual abuse cases in the last five years, one settled out of court and one the jury awarded the victim of the USTA $9M in damages, and why is no one fired? This is the first math problem I have with the USTA. Paying for two leaves twenty-nine not paid or made whole.
  2. The second math problem I have also involves numbers, you see the USTA recently published their financials, and one particular number drew my attention. Community tennis and USTA foundation expenses are $138,667,000.00 ( this can be found here on page 8) See below:

The problem I have is that when I look at the grants declared I see a number of $77,796,000.00.

Well, then my math problem is now, declared expenses of $138M less Grants, which is community tennis of $78M, that gives us this math:

If you look at page 29 from their financials, you will see this graph, that says that contributions and grants are around $9M, to further validate this you can look at the 2022 USTA’s 990 page 51 and see how much they declared to have given the foundation, 2023 is not out yet that is why I use 20


The monies for the foundation total all the highlighted areas $4,022,518.00. Now I am more confused as the math is not clear to me, a simple dad, to understand.

From the images above we have that the USTA declares in its financials expenses of $138,667,000.00 for community tennis and the Foundation, but when I look at these numbers all I get is the following:

To recap the work of the USTA board, I am confused with the math, I want an explanation of the twenty-nine other sexual abuse/complaints made during the last five years, this needs to be cleared out for everyone’s well-being. But I also want clarification on every penny spent that is not accounted for from the above math, and want to see and validate every single invoice and verify the vendors with the state, wherever they are from.

Where in the financials are the remaining $57M as that is the equivalent of all the seventeen sections ‘ budget for one year?

I hope that the board also explains this as would any board in any company in the world, be it for-profit, not-for-profit, or a mom-and-pop store anywhere in the world.

I hope that the clan of incapables realizes that we all need an explanation. Here is your chance to give it to the world, but we need still an explanation. For the readers’ knowledge, I have tried previously to request from the USTA under the Freedom of Information Act financial information before and was ignored twice.

I say NO to ineptitude and YES to growing the game.

I can be reached at jpalenque@yahoo.com

PS. The USTA makes little money with money and the unexplained sum is simply too large for me as a tennis dad and de-facto shareholder. Since the USTA claims to be a not-for-profit, which means we subsidize them, they should comply. Let me be clear, I want a detailed explanation of every penny spent, I want to know who approved it, and I want to see every single invoice against the expense and from which bank account it was paid. Where I come from that is called Accountability, it means responsible, answerable, accountable, amenable, liable mean subject to being held to account.

I may have to call BDO myself. I always wondered why there is no signature in the BDO letter they submit.



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