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The image above is the perfect representation of how the USTA deceives the American public with the approval of the board, the CEO, and of course in its attempts to preserve the perceived value of the US Open. What most uninformed people see is the apple in the mirror and take the USTA’s word for what the mirror supposedly shows, in this case, tennis participation, diversity, and resource allocation. The reality is what is in front of the mirror, what the financials state, what the payroll is, what the actual participation numbers say, and the true rotten state of the best-funded sport in the nation.

So let us start by pointing you to an article posted two days ago by the propaganda machine of the USTA, read it here is the link, after reading it you would think all is good. Then proceed to just read the facts that I will present and then conclude if the USTA respects you or if they think you are as dumb as a brick. Remember the more uninformed you are, the better it is for the status quo, so it makes sense for them to reasonably create the illusion of success when the exact opposite is true. Their jobs are on the line.

Here are the real facts:

In the years the USTA claims the biggest gains ever in participation by race and age, membership revenue is at its lowest number in decades. How do you explain that USTA?· If no new members are captured by the USTA out of 5.9M new players, what is then the value of the USTA and the purpose of the $88M payroll for the game then? compare to the membership collected in 2007. A $6M drop is the equivalent of 30%.

  • Please understand that there are only 330K adults in the USTA system, imagine in two years they claim the sport has 5.9M new players or the equivalent of 18 X more players, and with this 18X more players they attracted NO ONE NEW and lost $3M worth of revenues from the year BEFORE. This $3M represents 20% of all membership revenue. This is no laughing matter if you are a serious business person.
  • This proves how they only care about the two-week show for wall street types…
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